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Wellness Examinations

One of the most important things that you can do for your pets is to ensure they receive regular wellness examinations. A wellness examination for a pet is like a routine checkup for people. They are provided for healthy animals in order to make sure that everything is normal and that no hidden issues or problems are present. Whenever you bring your pet to Quivira Crossing Veterinary Clinic, you can be sure that Dr. Feyerabend and his staff will provide the best possible treatment and care.

Depending on the age and health of your pet, a wellness examination may only be necessary once per year; however, older pets or those with health issues may need to be seen more often. Our veterinary experts will carefully consider the age and overall health of your pet and make a professional recommendation regarding when you should plan on bringing them in for their next wellness examination.

During a wellness examination, you should expect to answer many questions about your pet. This can include their diet, eating and drinking habits, breathing, exercise, overall behavior, elimination patterns and general lifestyle. If you have recently noticed anything new or unusual about your pet or their behavior, make sure to mention it during the examination. These questions are one of the most important aspects of any wellness examination, as they give us the best possible understanding of how your pet is doing on a day-to-day basis.

Another important component of a wellness examination is the physical examination. Dr. Feyerabend will use this opportunity to check your pet’s breathing patterns and feel specific areas of their body to make sure that their joints and muscles are in good shape. We will also keep a close eye on how your pet is moving, and we will examine various factors such as their alertness, body condition, haircoat, skin, eyes, ears, nose and mouth. All of these factors can provide us with great insight into their overall health and well-being.

Depending on what is found during the wellness examination, Dr. Feyerabend may make certain recommendations for your pet or recommend specialized treatments. These recommendations or treatments can include anything from vaccinations, preventive treatments, nutritional care, skin and coat care, weight management, dental care, laboratory tests, surgery and more. We may also advise you to provide certain lifestyle changes for your pet if we believe that doing so will provide them with a healthier quality of life.

Regularly scheduled wellness examinations are crucial for ensuring that your pet maintains the best possible health. Dr. Feyerabend and his staff look forward to providing top-quality care for your pets so that they can continue to live a healthy, happy life. Please call us at (913) 647-4141 to schedule an appointment.

Our Happy Patients

"We took our tiny six week Golden Retriever here and we were so pleased with the friendly and knowledgeable staff! They answered all my questions and are so good with Poppy. I love the groomer as well! I would highly recommend this place!!!"

Katie K Katie K.

"We are new to this clinic and I just brought my dog, Rubie, in for yearly vaccinations and I am so happy and appreciate how informative Bobbi and Dr. Feyerabend were with me! Never felt rushed and they are easy to talk with and answered all questions I had! This clinic has great customer service and really showed they cared for my Rubie! We will definitely keep him as our vet! Thank you!"

Jordan J Jordan J.

"Love Quivira Crossing Vet. My dog gets knowledgeable and friendly care every time!"

Nikol B Nikol B.
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