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Digital Diagnostic Imaging

One of the biggest challenges in veterinary medicine is determining how to deal with an animal that experiencing discomfort or pain. Unlike a human, it is not possible for your pet to simply tell someone what part of their body is hurting. Instead, these issues must often be detected through special methods of digital diagnostic imaging. This makes digital diagnostic imaging one of the most important tools in veterinary medicine.

Digital diagnostic imaging allows Dr. Feyerabend and his team to obtain a detailed view of an animal’s internal structure. This is often helpful for locating injuries or problems that are not immediately visible. In many cases, it is the only way to determine exactly why a pet is demonstrating unusual behavior or signs of pain. Once we know the specific cause of your pet’s discomfort, we can proceed in providing the most effective treatment.

Digital X-rays make use of advanced radiography devices to produce clear images of an animal’s bones. Using these images, we can detect any fractures, breaks or dislocations that may be affecting your pet. Digital X-rays may also be used to determine if your pet swallowed a dangerous object that may be causing them harm. Our digital X-rays feature minimal radiation, and they can be taken very quickly and easily to minimize any discomfort that your pet may experience during the process.

Digital diagnostic imaging can help locate serious problems or issues that would otherwise be very difficult or impossible to detect. When a pet is in obvious discomfort or pain, this can often be the best way to determine the cause. We will make sure your pet is as comfortable as possible during the imaging process and fully explain any important findings with you afterward. Please call us at (913) 647-4141 to schedule an appointment.

Our Happy Patients

"We took our tiny six week Golden Retriever here and we were so pleased with the friendly and knowledgeable staff! They answered all my questions and are so good with Poppy. I love the groomer as well! I would highly recommend this place!!!"

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"We are new to this clinic and I just brought my dog, Rubie, in for yearly vaccinations and I am so happy and appreciate how informative Bobbi and Dr. Feyerabend were with me! Never felt rushed and they are easy to talk with and answered all questions I had! This clinic has great customer service and really showed they cared for my Rubie! We will definitely keep him as our vet! Thank you!"

Jordan J Jordan J.

"Love Quivira Crossing Vet. My dog gets knowledgeable and friendly care every time!"

Nikol B Nikol B.
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